Frozen Water Pipes: Don't Wait Until They Burst In Your Home


If you find one or more frozen water lines in your home, take care of the problem as quickly as you can. Frozen water lines and pipes can burst without notice. If the lines break beneath your floors or in another place you can't gain access to, the damage can be catastrophic. Learn why and how you should repair your frozen water pipes below. How Much Damage Can Frozen Pipes Cause?

9 December 2020

Garbage Disposal Repairs That Might Be Needed When Your Disposal Is Humming and Not Grinding Food


While a garbage disposal may not be essential to your daily life, it's inconvenient when it breaks down. A disposal doesn't last forever, and you may need to have it repaired or replaced at some point. If your disposal isn't processing food, but it's making a humming noise, the problem could be with the motor or the blades might be jammed. Here are some ways to fix the problem. What to Do About Jammed Blades

12 November 2020

3 Reasons Every Nursing Home Needs a Good Commercial Plumbing Service


Across the country, nursing homes make it possible for elderly individuals with specific care needs to get the care they need. These environments are meant to feel like home but with professional health monitoring for patients, which means each facility can be home to a high number of people. In nursing homes, commercial plumbing services can be exceptionally important because so many people count on the plumbing system within the building.

16 October 2020

What Do Plumbers Do During Annual Maintenance Appointments?


Your plumbing is working great. Your drains are draining, your toilets are flushing, and you have not noticed any leaks. If you're in this situation, you might assume it would be silly to have a plumber out for a general maintenance appointment. But actually, this is exactly the time to have maintenance done — when things are working well! To better understand why this is the case, take a look at what a plumber will typically do during a maintenance appointment.

17 September 2020

3 Ways Spring Affects The Performance Of Your Septic System


The septic system's primary role is to collect and treat wastewater. Unfortunately, the spring season can be unkind to any sewer system. During this time, it is not unusual to experience plumbing clogs and a total malfunction of your sewer system. To avoid this, take note of the following issues that arise during spring, and which can affect the performance of the septic system. Heavy Rains and Septic Flooding Spring is the rainiest season of the year.

14 August 2020

Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is a Terrible Idea


If you've got a stubborn clog that you are trying desperately to dislodge, your first instinct might be to head down the local hardware store and pick up a bottle of residential drain cleaners. While you may succeed in the short-term, the long-term ramifications of that choice will become evident over time, as your pipes will decay faster and you may end up making the problem even worse. Instead of trying to DIY it, you should always call a company that specializes in drain cleaning to diagnose and treat the issue first.

22 July 2020

What Does It Mean If Your Plumbing Is Backing Up When You Have A Septic Tank?


If you haven't had a septic tank for a very long time, chances are that you haven't seen your plumbing back up during that time, either. So when this problem first strikes, it can be extremely alarming. If you're in this situation right now, here's what could be behind it and what you should do to tackle it. Possible Overfilling One of the leading causes for homes hooked up to septic tanks to have their plumbing back up is that the septic tank is full.

19 June 2020

Broken Main Water Line Repair – What You Need To Know


If you have a broken main, water line repair is often essential. In most cases, it needs to be done right away. Failing to take care of the problem can cause further damage to your water lines and to your home, lawn, driveway, and more. But there are things you need to know to help you make wise decisions during your experience. Signs of a Broken Water Main or Damaged Water Lines

15 May 2020

Fond of Flushable Products? You Might Want to Invest in Regular Sewer Cleanings


Flushable products are more popular than ever for their ease of disposal options, but are they really safe for your plumbing? Unfortunately, the answer might surprise you and not in a good way. If you use flushable products like baby wipes and tampons on a regular basis, you should read this guide to find out what it could be doing to your plumbing and how you can combat the problem.

15 April 2020

How To Make Temporary Repairs To A Pipe With A Small Leak Until A Plumber Arrives


Residential plumbing repairs are best left to a professional for a number of reasons. For example, DIY repairs could fail and cause a plumbing emergency. While you might make temporary repairs until a plumber can get to your home, it's always best to let a professional make permanent repairs so your plumbing is safe and so your home can pass an inspection when you put it up for sale. If you need to make temporary repairs to a leaky pipe, silicone tape might be the solution.

12 March 2020