Fixing Your Garbage Disposal: Key Tips


Garbage disposals are handy devices to have in your home, but occasionally they might malfunction. Fortunately, in many cases, garbage disposal problems can be dealt with by the average person. Dealing with this issue yourself is an excellent way to save money on your household expenses. This article looks at some of the most common problems and how to resolve them.   Clogs  If your garbage disposal isclogged, it may be because a foreign object has gotten into the device and interfered with its proper performance.

29 July 2015

Time To De-Throne The Old Throne? Easy Instructions For Removing An Old Toilet


There's only so many times you can clean a toilet before it just doesn't sparkle anymore. If you've reached that stage, it's probably time to have a new toilet installed. Whether you're a pro at do-it-yourself projects, or this is the first time trying, removing a toilet is something you can accomplish in just a few hours. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions for removing that old toilet. Before you begin this project, be sure to place towels or newspapers on the ground around the toilet.

8 June 2015

How To Pick A Contractor To Install Your Heating System With One Conversation


Unless you work with contractors often, it can sometimes be tough to tell which ones are going to provide good service and which ones are going to leave you out in the cold. If your heating system is kaput and you need a new one, you might be able to make good use of these tips for identifying a good heating contractor based on what they say in conversation. Good Contractors Ask Questions

2 April 2015

3 Key Pieces Of A Kitchen Sink Strainer


The strainer in your kitchen sink allows water and small food particles to leave your sink and escape safely down your plumbing. Repairing or replacing a sink strainer isn't a difficult task for those with do-it-yourself experience. But before you undergo any new home improvement task, it's important to know the names and functions of the parts you will need to work on as the sink strainer is a vital part of drain repair.

1 April 2015

How A Novice DIYer Can Change The Plastic Handle On A Toilet


Toilet handles aren't always made like they used to be. Some newer plastic handles have a tendency to break after a while and you'll need to replace it to get your toilet working again – unless you want to keep on dipping your hand into the water tank to grab the chain connected to the flapper (which sits on the drain that allows the water to flush down into the toilet bowl) and pull it up to flush the toilet.

26 March 2015

About The Cause Of Constant Toilet Clogging & How Much A New One Will Cost


Do you have a hard time getting solid waste to flush down the toilet all of the time? Rather than spending so much time plunging the toilet, you may need to consider investing in a new one. Find out what can be causing your toilet to clog up so much, as well as how much you can expect a new one to cost with professional installation. What Can Lead to a Toilet Clogging Up?

19 March 2015

Learn Which Items Should Never Be Flushed Down Your Toilet


There are many things that are marketed as being safe to flush down the toilet even though they really aren't. If you flush certain items down your commode, there is a good chance that you could cause a lot of severe damage to your pipes and septic tank. Use the following guide to learn a few things that are labeled as being flushable when they really should be disposed of in the trash rather than down the drain.

11 March 2015

Plumbing Troubleshooting: Weak Faucet After DIY Bathroom Repairs


Performing your own bathroom remodel can prove maddening and rewarding at the same time. Once the project is done, you might step back and look at all of your progress, and then notice that something's not working that was working before the remodel. Bathroom faucets are prime candidates for causing problems after a remodel for a variety of reasons. If the faucet is still working but your water pressure is far weaker than before, there are a few things you can try to solve the problem before you call in the plumbers.

4 March 2015

Fixing Your Copper Piping in 10 Easy Steps


Fixing a broken pipe at home can seem challenging, but there are ways to temporarily prevent the damage from spreading or causing you to lose water pressure in your home. These easy step-by-step instructions tell you how to repair copper pipes that are leaking or broken. What Do You Need? A hammer Duct tape Hosing (a length of garden hose, for example) A towel Scissors A cloth or rag The Steps

12 September 2014