Propane Water Heaters: A Look At Common FAQ


You have the option of installing a propane-powered water heater, but should you? Here are a few general questions and answers to help you decide. 

Are propane water heaters durable?

Most tank-style water heaters are going to yield a generous life span, including those that are powered by propane. According to Bob Vila, the tanked versions of water heaters can last anywhere between 8 and 12 years. 

Why do so many people like propane water heaters for residential use?

Propane is a preferable fuel choice for water heating for a few reasons. For one, propane is considered to be a relatively inexpensive fueling option in a lot of locations. Two, propane water heaters, as noted above, can have an especially long life span. Another big perk of propane-powered units is the fact that you can have hot water even if you have no electric power. For someone living in an off-grid location or in an area that has frequent power outages, having access to hot water can be especially valuable. 

Is it cheaper to heat water with propane than it is with electricity?

This is a question that a lot of homeowners will have when they are examining their options and have access to either electricity or propane as a fueling option. The end answer can rely on a number of factors. For example, propane is cheaper in some areas than others and the electricity price per kilowatt used can vary from place to place. However, it is important to note that propane water heaters can be more efficient than electric water heaters; the units may use less fuel to offer the same amount of hot water as an electric version. 

Do propane water heaters take up as much space?

Due to the way the units are designed, they can be substantially smaller and still house just as much water. Electric water heaters have a series of heating elements, wiring, and other implements that require the tank to be larger. Propane units, in contrast, do not involve wiring and have a simple heating plate in the base. Therefore, the unit can be smaller and better able to fit into tight spaces. 

What about greenhouse gas emissions?

One of the little-known facts about propane water heaters is that the units actually do not produce as much greenhouse gases. According to, a propane unit will emit as much as 46 percent less greenhouse gas than a standard electric unit. 

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11 March 2021

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