3 Reasons Every Nursing Home Needs a Good Commercial Plumbing Service


Across the country, nursing homes make it possible for elderly individuals with specific care needs to get the care they need. These environments are meant to feel like home but with professional health monitoring for patients, which means each facility can be home to a high number of people.

In nursing homes, commercial plumbing services can be exceptionally important because so many people count on the plumbing system within the building. Therefore, having the best commercial plumber available when there is an issue is ever-important. Here is a look at a few good reasons to build a good relationship with a local commercial plumbing service if you own a nursing home. 

1. Enjoy the convenience of a scheduled maintenance plan. 

Many commercial plumbers offer commercial clients service contracts that include pre-scheduled maintenance visits. Scheduled maintenance with a commercial plumber may help prevent ongoing issues with things like:

  • Clogged drainage systems 
  • Undetected water leaks in patient rooms 
  • Broken down water-related appliances like water heaters 

Scheduled maintenance usually means the professionals will visit the nursing home facility periodically to do an assessment of the systems and make any necessary repairs while they are there. It is easy to forget these maintenance calls if they are handled by facility owners. 

2. Get emergency plumbing assistance when it's needed the most. 

A water or sewer outage in a nursing home can be an all-out catastrophe. You have so many residents relying on the water and functional sewer systems, some of who may not be able to understand when there is an issue. When you have a service contract with a good commercial plumbing service, your calls for assistance may take priority over others because of the nature of the business. This means when there is an issue within the nursing home, you can get someone to help you tend to the situation as quickly as possible. 

3. Take advantage of valuable water-efficiency ideas. 

In a facility so large that is home to so many people, water usage can result in one of the largest operational expenses. A good commercial plumbing service can offer valuable insight into how to save as much water as possible. For example, they may help you find shower or faucet fixtures that use little water without compromising water pressure. Or, they may help you implement systems to capture, filter, treat, and reuse water used for things like laundry. 

For more information, contact local plumbers. 


16 October 2020

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