Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is a Terrible Idea


If you've got a stubborn clog that you are trying desperately to dislodge, your first instinct might be to head down the local hardware store and pick up a bottle of residential drain cleaners. While you may succeed in the short-term, the long-term ramifications of that choice will become evident over time, as your pipes will decay faster and you may end up making the problem even worse.

Instead of trying to DIY it, you should always call a company that specializes in drain cleaning to diagnose and treat the issue first. They'll make sure your drains are clean and in proper working order, giving you the peace of mind. Here are a few reasons to stay away from DIY drain cleaning.

You Might Make the Problem Worse

While a clog may not seem like a big deal, it could be a sign that something bigger is happening. You could be shoving debris down the pipes and adding to a bigger clog, or trying to unclog it may end up causing a leak. Drain cleaning services usually use a camera to inspect the clog to know what they're dealing with first and then use specialized tools to remove the obstruction without damaging your pipes. It's quick and easy, and much less expensive than paying for a brand new plumbing system.

The Problem Might Take Longer Than You Think

Chemical drain cleaners can only go so far, and DIY methods can cause more damage in the long run. In addition to that, a particularly stubborn drain may take specialized equipment that isn't readily available to the average consumer. Either way, clogs can take a lot of time to diagnose and repair, even for experienced plumbers, so it's best to let someone with the experience and resources handle it before you find yourself knee-deep in a problem that you're unsure how to get out of.

Drain Cleaners Contain Toxic Ingredients

Unless you go with a purely natural drain cleaner, chances are, you'll pour powerful toxins down your drain that can eat away the pipe over time, even if you have metal pipes. If your pipes are made of PVC, it's going to make an even bigger mess. Worse than that, most drain cleaners will not completely unclog the drain anyway; they'll simply eat enough through the clog to allow water to pass through. For an actual fix, you'll want to call a company that specializes in drain cleaning.


22 July 2020

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