What Does It Mean If Your Plumbing Is Backing Up When You Have A Septic Tank?


If you haven't had a septic tank for a very long time, chances are that you haven't seen your plumbing back up during that time, either. So when this problem first strikes, it can be extremely alarming. If you're in this situation right now, here's what could be behind it and what you should do to tackle it.

Possible Overfilling

One of the leading causes for homes hooked up to septic tanks to have their plumbing back up is that the septic tank is full. When a septic tank isn't adequately pumped, it can fill to the brim, and then there's nowhere for material flushed down the toilet or sent down a drain to go. The only thing the fluid can do at this point is to either pour out of the septic tank or to come back up the pipes it just went down. Unfortunately, you may even have both options and just not know that your tank has overflowed yet.

Drainage Pipes Damaged

Another possibility is that the drainage pipes attached to your septic tank have become damaged or filled with sludge.

Every septic tank has a built-in drainage system that's designed to let pure fluids out while keeping solid masses in. However, if a septic tank isn't cleaned adequately, sludge can rise in the septic tank. If it reaches the level of the drainage pipes, the sludge can start to infiltrate and clog them. Without quick help, this can severely damage your septic tank to the point where the entire tank needs to be replaced.

Pipe Blockage

Of course, even though you have a septic tank, there's a possibility that the tank and its condition aren't to blame. The issue may be leading to the septic tank.

When the pipe leading from your home to the tank develops a blockage, it can cause waste to back up into your home. This may be a simple blockage, like too much toilet paper getting stuck in the pipe, or an excess of 'flushable' products causing a clog, or a break or infiltration of the pipe. For example, if your pipe cracks, breaks, or the roots of a plant bust through it, this can prevent waste from making it to your tank. However, this is relatively rare, so you likely only need to worry about this possibility if a septic tank contractor tells you that there's nothing wrong with your tank.

If you're having issues with something backing up into your home, you need to call a septic tank contractor right away. Your tank may depend upon getting help quickly, so don't put this off.

For further tips, contact a septic tank contractor in your area.


19 June 2020

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