How To Make Temporary Repairs To A Pipe With A Small Leak Until A Plumber Arrives


Residential plumbing repairs are best left to a professional for a number of reasons. For example, DIY repairs could fail and cause a plumbing emergency. While you might make temporary repairs until a plumber can get to your home, it's always best to let a professional make permanent repairs so your plumbing is safe and so your home can pass an inspection when you put it up for sale. If you need to make temporary repairs to a leaky pipe, silicone tape might be the solution. Here's how to use it.

Determine If Temporary Repairs Are Suitable

If a plumbing pipe suddenly bursts open with a large crack, then the best option is to call a plumber for emergency repairs. Turn your water off at the shut-off valve or water main and wait for a plumber's help. If there is a small hole in the pipe, then temporary repairs might work, although it's still a good idea to schedule a plumber at your earliest convenience.

Buy the Right Tape

You may want to keep silicone tape in your home repair kit since it can be used for so many things. However, be sure you read the label and buy the right kind of tape. You want tape that's safe to use on drinking water lines and tape that's safe for the pipe you're going to repair, since some types of repair tape may not be suitable. Basic silicone tape can be used on all types of pipes including hot and cold water pipes and pipes that carry drinking water.

Cover the Leak With the Tape

Silicone repair tape can be used on all types of plumbing pipes because the tape sticks to itself and not the pipe. Start applying the tape a few inches above the leak stretching the tape as you wind it around the pipe. Be sure to overlap the tape on itself and continue applying the tape a few inches below the leak. The tape will stick to itself and block the water leak as long as it's applied properly. Since the tape sticks to itself, it comes off easily and won't leave a sticky residue on the pipe.

Call a Plumber

Silicone tape is for temporary repairs so you can patch up a small leak over the weekend or holiday and not have to pay for an emergency plumbing call. However, a small leak that doesn't have a permanent repair is always in danger of becoming a bigger leak, so have a plumber replace the leaky section or make other permanent repairs as soon as you can.

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12 March 2020

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