4 Things That Can Clog Up Your Drains


If you have a septic system, you need to make sure you are taking steps to limit the materials that go down your drains that can clog things up. There are some classic materials you need to be aware of that can clog up your drains. If any of these materials are causing issues in your plumbing, contact a septic service such as Economy Septic Tank Service today.

Clog Material #1: Hair

One of the worst offenders for blocking up your drains is hair. Short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair—it doesn't matter what type of hair it is, you really don't want it going down your drain.

When hair goes down your drain, other materials like to cling to the hair follicles. Grease and just about any other sticky substance, such as soap scum, likes to cling onto your hair. Your hair can then get stuck on other debris inside of your pipes, causing a nice clog.

That is why you should use a hair catching drain in your tub or shower and keep your hair out of your sinks as well.

Clog Material #2: Soap

Yes, soap can clog up your pipes. Most soap is made with some type of grease or fat that helps bind the soap together. When you use the soap, it breaks down into smaller parts, and those binding parts of fat get in your pipes and, like other forms of grease, can clog things up. Use soaps without a grease or fat base and get your pipes pressure washed every few years to remove built-up soap scum in your pipes.

Clog Material #3: Food Waste

Food is horrible for your pipes and your septic system. Scrape off your plates, pots, and pans and get all those food scraps in the trash where they belong. A wide range of foods that are fibrous can clog up your pipes long before the food makes its way to your septic tank.

Once in your septic tank, food is essentially dead weight. It isn't designed to decompose inside of your tank; that is not the type of material the microbes are designed to break down. It just clogs up your septic tank and increases the need for frequent pumpings.

Clog Material #4: Mineral Build-Up

If you have hard water, minerals will build up over time in your drains. This mineral build-up can clog up your drains and cause damage to your septic tank. The easiest way to prevent mineral build-up is to install a water softener and make sure you take care of the water softener so it continues to filter your water.

You need to know what materials will clog up your drains so that you can take steps to keep your drains flowing freely. When your drains get clogged, your septic tank can also end up clogged.


25 June 2019

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