Got Strange Looking Flies In Your Bathroom? You Probably Have Drain Flies


If you see strange looking flies in your bathroom, you likely have drain flies. These flies are also known as bathroom flies, moth flies, and sewer flies. They are small and have hairy bodies with leaf-shaped wings.  You will see the drain flies close to the drain they are infesting. They are attracted to drains that have built up organic material inside the pipe. You can get the drain flies out, however. You may be able to do this on your own or hire a plumber to help you. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Use a Pipe Brush

The best way to get rid of drain flies is to clean the organic material. To do this, you can use a brush that is designed to clean pipes. Push the brush down the drain and move it up and down, concentrating on the sides of the pipes. As you do this, the organic material breaks away. Use the pipe brush a few times to ensure all organic material is gone.

When finished, pour boiling water down the drain. This water will clean away any left-over organic material. These flies feed on this organic material, so if their food is gone, they will leave.

Use Drain Cleaner

If you still notice drain flies, the next step is to use a commercial drain cleaner. Even though this is a harsh chemical, it will clean the pipes. Follow the directions on the drain cleaner. This will need to be done at night after everyone is finished using the shower. This is because the drain cleaner must sit for a certain amount of time. You need to purchase a gel drain cleaner. This is because this type is thick, and the gel will stick to the sides of the pipes.

In the morning, flush the drain cleaner by pouring hot water down the drain.

Hire a Plumber

If you still have drain flies, hire a plumber to clean your pipes for you. The plumber can inspect piping deep into the piping system using a video camera. This allows the plumber to remove all organic material found. This will ensure the drain flies do not come back. The plumber can clean the pipes using a process known as sandblasting. Special equipment is used to do this.

While the plumber is there, they can inspect your pipes for any damage with the video camera. If any is found, they can repair the damage or replace the damaged piping.  

If you still have problems with drain flies, ask the plumber to replace your plumbing system if the current pipes are old. For more information, contact a local plumber for drain cleaning.


25 September 2018

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