Suspicious Of Sewer Line Problems? Signs The Pipes Are Cracked


If something is wrong with your plumbing and sewer system, but you aren't sure what or where the problem is, you want to have the sewer experts come to your property as soon as possible. Sewer problems aren't just dangerous and annoying, you could be liable for damages to other properties or people if the issue isn't fixed and someone else can smell your sewage or their property gets wet or damaged. Look around your house right now for these warning signs that your sewer pipes are a problem.

Slow-Draining Sinks and Toilets

If the sinks or toilets are draining slowly or not draining all the way at one time, this could be because of a cracked pipe. If the sewer pipe is cracked, it can prevent the liquids from flowing as they need to, and soil can get in the pipe and cause a clog and backup. This is an easy-to-notice sign that sewer line is damaged.

Sewer Smells Inside and Out

Are you smelling odors inside and outside of the home? If you smell sewage and waste and the odors are very strong in an area where your sewer pipes would leave the home and travel through the yard, or in an area where there is a sewer line, get a sewer service professional to your house right away. Inhalation of waste and sewer gas is toxic.

Sudden Rodent or Pest Problem

Rodents or pests in the area will be attracted to the smells that your damaged sewer system is producing. Fixing the problem isn't just necessary to get rid of the pests' attraction to your property, but you may also have to call in a pest removal company to get rid of the rodents, the nests and the other insects or pests that are now a problem.

Foundation Flaws

If water is leaking out of the sewer pipes around your home, there could be some foundation flaws around the area where the sewer pipe is. This includes cracking, crumbling, mold and mildew, or mineral stains on the walls.

The sewage pipes have to be fixed right away to make sure that everyone is safe and to reduce the amount of damage that is going on with your yard and your home. You want to find the source of the leak as quickly as you can or find the damaged sewer line pipe and fix it no matter what the cost. Contact your local sewer line repair service today to learn more. 


25 August 2018

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