Does Your Bed And Breakfast Have Slow Drains? 3 Signs That You Need To Arrange For Professional Sewer Cleaning


When guests come to your bed and breakfast, they are looking forward to a relaxing stay. Naturally, you do your best to set up a beautiful environment, and the bathrooms are one area that always gets a few extra touches. Unfortunately, the fluffiest towels in the world just can't cover up plumbing problems once they hit the sewer line. When you've tried all the basics, such as flushing out the sink, check these signs to see if a professional cleaning service can restore the comfort of your guest's bathrooms.

Multiple Drains Are Affected

Clogs are fairly common in any place where guests use the bathrooms regularly. However, it's rare to discover that both your bathroom and kitchen sink are clogged at the same time. When you have multiple drains that are slow to drain or fully stopped up, then this indicates that there is a clog deeper within the plumbing system. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself methods such as plunging and using drain cleaners won't work once the clog is this deep. Instead, professional sewer cleaning services use special tools that go deep into the lines to remove debris that stops wastewater from flowing out.

Foul Odors Come From the Drains

The smell of rotting matter coming from the drains is the last thing that you want your guests to encounter, and the stench is overpowering enough to make it seem as though you haven't cleaned in weeks. Foul odors from drains can sometimes come from the p-trap drying out. This typically happens if the sink or shower has not been used for a long period of time. If you suspect this is the case, simply run the water for a few minutes and see if the odor dissipates. If it does not, then there is likely a clog in the line made up of rotting matter. Cleaning it out resolves the smell.

Toilets Act Strange

Toilets are a common cause of mainline drain clogs, especially if you've ever had guests that tossed forbidden items down the drain such as cotton swabs or feminine hygiene products. While a carefully worded sign helps to serve as a reminder to be careful with toilets, you've now got to get the toilet back in working order. When the sewer line is clogged, toilets may fill up when you drain the sink. They may also make strange gurgling sounds or backup frequently. Since a clogged toilet represents a potential health issue waiting to happen, never hesitate to have the system inspected and cleaned at the first sign of a potential issue happening.

While you may enjoy sprucing up your bed and breakfast, there are just some types of cleaning that are best left to the professionals. Always be alert for signs of a sewer drain clog so that you can arrange for a cleaning, and remember that older and historical houses are more susceptible to these types of problems. For more information, contact a local sewer cleaning company like Holmes Sewer And Drain


4 August 2018

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