Potential Plumbing Problems In Brand New Houses


A brand new home is supposed to be perfect, without any problems -- but that isn't always the case. For example, there are plumbing problems that may plague even brand new houses and require the intervention of a plumber. Here are some of the plumbing problems your brand new house may have:

Clogged Drain Pipes

It may be surprising to many people, but it is somewhat common to find clogged or blocked drains in new constructions. Drain clogging is typically connected to misusing of drains, poor maintenance, and aging – things that should not be present in new properties. However, in the case of clogged drains in new buildings the cause of the clogging is usually the debris generated during the construction or the ensuing cleanup. For example, the cleanup crew may sweep some of the construction dust down the drains or flush materials that shouldn't go into the toilet, thereby causing blockages.

Malfunctioning Sump Pump

The sump pump is used to prevent basement flooding by filtering out water and draining it elsewhere. However, a sump pump can fail in a new building if it is improperly installed or connected. In some cases, workers install the pump and leave before testing and confirming that it works.

Weak PVC Connections

Weak plumbing pipe connections are not easy to notice unless you have been using the plumbing system for some time. This is because weak or improper connections often cause weak leaks that add up to considerable water loss and damage with time, but may not be noticeable at a fast glance. Therefore, most people assume that the plumbing pipes are ok as soon as they see gleaming new pipes in place. Unfortunately, improper gluing or lack of gluing of PVC pipes is rather common in new buildings, especially if the workers were on a tight deadline to wind up the work.

Reversed Faucets

Lastly, you may also encounter a case of reversed faucets in your brand new home. This is where the hot faucet has been connected to the cold water line and the cold faucet has been connected to the hot water line. It may be the case in a single sink or it may affect multiple sinks. Reversed faucets are fairly easy to notice, but that doesn't make them any less disappointing.

Therefore, don't think you are imagining things if you have started noticing plumbing problems in your brand new home. Contact a plumbing replacement and repair technician to diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible.


23 June 2018

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