3 Solutions To Adding Air Conditioning To Finished Basements And Additions


If you are going to be adding space to your home by finishing the basement or building an addition, the mechanical systems are important, and you want to choose the right solutions. For HVAC, you have the choice of adding to an existing system or installing a separate heating and cooling for these areas of your home. Here are some tips to help with choosing the right HVAC solutions when finishing basements or building additions for your home.

1. Adding to Existing HVAC Systems for Additions and Basement Remodeling

If you have an HVAC system that is already oversized for the needs of the existing space in your home, adding to it is the best solution for your heating and cooling needs. To add to the existing HVAC system, you will need to talk with an HVAC maintenance service about changing ducts and adding the heating and cooling vents to the new space in your home. Talk with the HVAC contractor about the space where you need heating and cooling and the capacity of your existing system. If your system is undersized, then you will need to consider other solutions, such as replacing the unit or installing separate AC systems for the new areas of your home.

2. Ductless HVAC Solutions for Small Spaces Like Sunrooms

If you want to have the new area of your home to have a separate and energy-efficient AC, ductless HVAC is an option that you will want to consider. Ductless HVAC is great for spaces like sunrooms, where you only need a minimal amount of cooling. These systems can also be used for cooling in small spaces, such as a partially finished basement with a small open room. In addition, ductless systems can also have an energy-efficient heat pump design, which will also give you a heating solution for mildly cold weather.

3. Installing Heat Pump HVAC For Basements and Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps are another option that you will want to consider for energy-efficient heating and cooling for your remodeling projects. If you need to replace the AC in your home to add to the cooling capacity, a heat pump is a great option, which will also help provide you with heating. Heat pump systems can be used with conventional forced-air HVAC designs, as well as for ductless systems.

These are some tips to help with choosing the right heating and cooling solution for your basement finishing or home addition projects. If you need help with planning and installation for your remodeling project, contact an air conditioning maintenance service and talk with them about these solutions for your home. 


24 May 2018

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