How A Plumber Can Help You Pinpoint The Source Of A Water Leak In Your Home


If your home has a musty odor and your water bill keeps getting higher, you could have a hidden water leak. You can tell if a leak is in your plumbing rather than from a damaged roof by checking your water meter. If the meter moves when all the water is turned off, then water is leaking out of a pipe somewhere. However, it's also possible the leak is in a drain and the water is just leaking occasionally, such as when you run water in a sink. It's frustrating and confusing when you try to track down a leak and you don't know where it is coming from. Here's how a plumber can help with leak detection services.

Leak Detection Services

Modern technology has led to several different ways of detecting hidden leaks in your home. There's no need to tear up a floor or open a wall to look around for a leak. A plumber can even find a leak that is under a slab. Your plumber will pick the most appropriate device for locating the leak depending on whether the area being tested is indoors or outdoors and other factors. One common way to find leaks is with a thermal camera.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera is ideal for finding plumbing leaks because it creates images based on temperature differences. Cool temperatures show up in blue colors, and hot temperatures are red or orange. If there's a bright orange streak under your floor, that could indicate a leak from a hot water pipe. Blue images show up where there are leaks from condensation, roof leaks, or pipe leaks. Since water may flow down a wall and spread out, the camera shows you exactly how much moisture has invaded your home. A thermal imaging camera lets you know where moisture is occurring, but it may not pinpoint the source of the pipe leak exactly. That may require an ultrasonic listening device.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Once the plumber knows where water is flowing, such as a streak under the floor, an ultrasonic device can be used to follow the orange streak in the thermal image to pinpoint the leak. This is done by moving the listening device along the path of the water until the sounds change. When the device is over where water is rushing out, the sound is different from the sound that's picked up farther from the leak. Once the damaged area is located, your plumber can make recommendations for the best way to make repairs.

A plumber can help you even if the problem is from a source other than a pipe leak. If you frequently smell musty odors and know your home has a leak somewhere, the plumber can locate the wet area no matter what's causing it so you can figure out what you need to do to make repairs.


14 April 2018

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