Maintenance And Prevention Tips To Keep Your Home's HVAC And Plumbing Systems Working Well


There are many systems within your home that you rely upon every day to make your life easier, cleaner, and more comfortable. Your home's sewer and HVAC are both important home systems of your daily life, and it is a good idea to check into and take care of any potential problems before they grow larger and cause expensive damage and service calls for repairs. Here are some tips to help you handle maintenance and recognize common problems and your options for repairing them.


The key to keeping your home's heating and air conditioning working properly is with regular maintenance and cleaning. Experts recommend to have your furnace and your air conditioner system checked, cleaned, and repaired of any defects before the start of each heating or cooling system, respectively. Failing to do this will allow your furnace or air conditioner to build up dirt and dust and its interior to begin to break down or corrode without your even noticing it.

It is important to call an HVAC repair professional each fall and spring to check and clean these systems. They will make sure all pertinent areas are oiled and cleaned out so your HVAC system works well.


Because there can be several hundred feet of drainage pipe within and exiting your home's sewer system, there can be a great number of areas where clogs and blockages can begin. If you are experiencing a slow flowing drain in your home, there is likely a clog just below that specific drain that needs to be cleared. You can remove the drain cover and pull out any collection of debris in the line, which should be just within the opening of the line. Use a pair of long-nosed pliers to pull out the hair or lint clog.

If you have a clog further down the drain line, there is a chance you may not be able to remove with a pair of pliers or even a plunger. This type of clog will require the use of a plumbing snake to reach down to and remove the clog. If you don't have access to a plumber's snake, you can call a local plumber for help. And if you have more than one drain in your home flowing slowly or a blockage that reoccurs shortly after having it cleared, you will need a professional to visually inspect the line with their camera.

There is a chance your plumber will find your sewer line has a tree root blockage or the exterior of the line has collapsed. They can recommend repair or replacement options for your sewer line to restore the drainage in your home.


4 April 2018

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