4 Choices Of Plumbing Materials For Renovations And New Home Installations


When you are ready for a complete plumbing system to be installed in your home, there are choices of different materials. For water lines, you may want to consider PVC or modern plastic materials to cut costs. There are also different types of materials used for various sewer installations. Here are some of the different choices of materials for your plumbing system installations.

1. CPVC Choices for Hot and Cold-Water Lines for Potable Uses

For the water lines in your home, an affordable alternative to copper is CPVC pipes. These are specially formulated pipes that have more chlorine to make them more resistant to deterioration and temperature changes. These materials are vulnerable to freezing, which is why it is important to have these types plumbing systems well-insulated. Using the CPVC lines for new plumbing installations will help reduce the costs of materials.

2. More Modern and Affordable Plastic Plumbing Systems

If you are looking for a more modern and affordable material to use for the plumbing in your home, plastic plumbing systems are ideal. These lines are flexible and can be bent to reduce the number of fittings needed for a plumbing installed, which will further help reduce costs. There are also other benefits of plastic pipes, such as affordable manifold systems that help improve energy efficiency. This type of pipe is also ideal for in-floor radiant heating systems.

3. The Benefits of Using Copper for Specific Plumbing Needs

Copper may still be one of the costliest materials for plumbing installations, but it also has the most benefits. Copper can be used for lines where it is important that the materials are durable and does not degrade. It is also resistant to damage from changes in temperature and other problems. It is also ideal for areas where lines may be exposed to colder temperatures. Copper lines are ideal for any installation where PVC and plastic plumbing systems cannot be used.

4. Choosing the Right Types of Materials to Use for Sewer Line Installations

Different materials are used for sewer lines. In household applications, you will most often see PVC pipes used for plumbing installations. Sometimes, other materials like cast iron and specially formulated for a pressurized system, which may be used in lower plumbing installations with sewer grinding pumps.

These are some of the different choices of materials for a complete plumbing installation. When you get ready to install plumbing in your home, contact a plumbing system installation contractor to help.


16 March 2018

Learning All About Plumbing Materials

Hey everyone, my name is Marcell Robins. I am excited to share information about plumbing supplies on this site. Plumbing repair services caught my attention after a pipe burst during the last winter storm. The temperature dropped so quickly that we did not have time to prepare the home for the changes. As a result, one of the pipes running under the laundry room froze shut and popped open at the seams. When the water thawed, it started leaking like crazy beneath the house. It was at that point that I started to learn about the wide range of materials used for plumbing repairs. I want to share that knowledge with you to help everyone correctly maintain the plumbing components throughout their home. Thanks for coming to my website.