3 Tips For Keeping Your Child's Playhouse Warm In The Winter


If your child has a playhouse outside, then you might want to do what you can to keep the playhouse nice and warm during the winter. After all, this can help you keep your child safe from the elements during the winter and can encourage him or her to still play and have fun when the weather isn't the best. These are a few tips that can help you ensure that your child's playhouse is nice and warm all winter long.

1. Put in Plenty of Insulation

Even though you might understand the importance of insulation for your home, you might have never thought about adding it to your child's playhouse. However, if you put in plenty of insulation, you can help ensure that your child's playhouse is kept nice and warm. In fact, you might find that it will be surprisingly warm even without a heat source. This is because the insulation will help protect the playhouse from cold temperatures and wind.

2. Cover the Windows

If your child has windows, then you might like the idea that he or she can look outside while playing in the playhouse. However, in the winter, the windows can make it easier for cold air to get into the playhouse. Therefore, you may want to cover them up during the winter months. It is a good idea to at least add a little caulk around the windows to ensure that they are properly sealed; this will help prevent cold drafts from making their way into the playhouse. However, covering the windows with heavy sheet plastic or heavy window coverings can help you shield the inside of the playhouse even more from the cold weather.

3. Add a Heat Source

You may want to add a heat source to your child's playhouse, particularly if your child spends a lot of time playing outside in the winter or if your climate gets really cold. You actually have a few heating options that you can look into for your child's playhouse. A ductless heating system can be a great option, since you will not have to worry about running any ductwork. However, if you would like a furnace, that might be an option as well. If you speak to a heating contractor, he or she can tell you more about the best possible heat sources for your child's playhouse and can provide you with a professional installation.


12 January 2018

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