How To Get Your Home's Water Heater Ready For Winter


The winter is definitely one time you do not want your home's hot water heater to fail. Not only will you have to take a cold shower with the cold weather, but there is a chance that your water pipes can freeze without the hot water running through your home. Here are some things to do to get the hot water tank in good condition prior to winter.

Inspect the Bottom of the Tank

A common place where a hot water tank can develop a problem is the tank's bottom. There is a possibility that the tank could develop a hole due to rust, which will cause the water to dump out onto your floor and create a big mess. It will also force you to immediately buy a new hot water heater.

That is why you want to monitor the bottom side of the tank and see if there is any rust on it. If so, you should have a plumber inspect the tank and let you know if it is a reason to be concerned. Large amounts of rust would require replacing the water heater to prevent the damage that a hole could cause.

Inspect the Pipes

The problem with the tank may actually due to the plumbing going in and out of the tank. You'll want to take a close look at all the connecting pipes, trying to find signs of corrosion or where water is leaking through.

Loose connections are easy to fix on your own using some wrenches to tighten the connection point. If the pipe is still leaking, it will require having a plumber come out to repair the damage. You may have a pinhole leak, which could potentially lead to a pipe burst in the winter if the water inside gets too cold.

Add Insulation

Adding insulation to your water heater is something that is easy to do on your own. You can wrap the tank itself with insulation designed for hot water tanks, which will prevent heat from escaping and use less energy to heat the water. Hot water pipes running out of the tank can also be insulated, which will prevent heat loss as the water travels to your faucets. You'll find that you won't be running the hot water for as long when you use it since the water that comes out initially won't be as cold as it was without insulation.

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11 December 2017

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