What Can You Do To Lower Water Usage In Your Home?


Lowering your home's water consumption is not only good for your budget, but it also helps the environment. You can commit to using less water by implementing some changes in behavior, such as turning off the water while brushing your teeth, but it might not be enough. However, changes to your home's plumbing could make a difference. Here are a few suggestions to help lower water waste in your home.

Install Efficient Toilets

Chances are the toilet in your home is an inefficient model. Throughout the day, it likely gets more use than all your other plumbing fixtures, which means more water is used. Since not flushing the toilet is a no-no, you need to consider switching to more efficient toilets in your home.

There are several options, including the use of dual-flush toilets. The dual-flush toilet is used throughout Europe, but is becoming more popular in American homes. The toilet's dual-flush feature has a lower flush for liquid waste. It switches to a higher flush for solid waste.

Another option is to switch to a low-flow toilet. The toilet offers lower water pressure. You can conserve water usage and save money this way.

Change the Water Pressure

By default, many homes have the water pressure set to the highest level possible. Unfortunately, high water pressure can cause your bill to increase and can even influence your plumbing. The force from the water can sometimes cause deterioration in the plumbing lines, which can lead to leaks.

Switching your home's water system to a low water pressure system can not only help save your plumbing lines, but also lower your impact on the environment. The associated expense with changing your system can be offset by the savings you experience.

Install Aerators

Faucet aerators are basically a screen that goes over the end of your faucets. The screen helps to add air to your water as it passes through. You will not notice a change in your water's stream, but there is one. The change can significantly lower your bill without forcing changes to your water routine.

It is also one of the easiest ways you can help the environment. Aerators are even a cost-effective solution that is less expensive than other options.

Talk to your plumber to find other ways to lower your water usage. Doing so can help the environment and potentially help preserve your home's water bill. In addition to that, you can have your plumbing inspected to find any potential water wasters.   


12 July 2017

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