Slow Water Flowing From A Bathtub Faucet


Running a bath can be stressful when it takes a long time for the tub to fill up with water. If you have stopped taking baths because of the slowness of the water, understand that getting the problem fixed might not be as difficult as you may think. There are numerous things that can cause water to flow out of faucets slowly. The problem can be diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner if you seek assistance from a plumber. In this article, learn about a few of the problems that can cause water to start flowing out of faucets in a slow manner.

1. A Plumbing Line Is Clogged Up

There might be a plumbing line in your house that is clogged up and preventing water from flowing out of faucets in a fast manner. Being that the plumbing lines are all attached to one another, any of them can be the root of the problem. You will need the expertise of a plumber to locate the problematic line without destroying drywall. The plumber will simply look into the lines with a camera that he or she will place in a drain. The camera can travel through the lines and transmit images to a monitor that the plumber will be holding in his or her hand.

2. The Faucet Has a Large Amount of Limescale

Limescale is one of the things that can prevent water from flowing at a high rate out of a bathtub faucet. Does water flow out of the showerhead faster than the bathtub faucet? If so, it is a good sign that the faucet is simply covered in limescale that needs to be removed. Limescale is only a problem when there is hard water running through the plumbing lines. Get a water treatment system for your house after the limescale has been removed so you won't have to deal with the problem again.

3. The Water Pressure Is Too Low in Your House

There is a valve that controls the water pressure that flows out of plumbing fixtures. It is possible that someone in your household adjusted the valve to make water come out at a lower amount of pressure. Keep in mind that some plumbing fixtures have a private valve as well. Hire a plumber to adjust the valve to find out if it will resolve the problem that you are experiencing with low water pressure from your bathtub. For more information, contact local professionals like Quality Plumbing.


9 June 2017

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