The Plumbing Upgrades Needed To Give Your Home Modern In Floor Heating


Heating systems that use hydronic radiant heating are efficient and durable solutions for heating your home. In-floor heating is one of the most popular options because of its benefits and the fact that it is out of sight. When you have in floor heating installed in your home, there are going to be some changes that need to be made to your plumbing, such as the installation of a manifold and the pipes that lay beneath the floor. Here are some of the plumbing modifications that new radiant floor systems are going to need:

1. Removal of Existing Radiators and Their Plumbing Lines

If you are replacing old radiators, these will have to be removed before you can start your in-floor heating project. The contractor will remove the old radiators as well as the water lines. The water lines will have to be removed all the way to the boiler because the new system will deliver water to the floor heating in a different way: through plumbing manifolds.

2. Boiler Adjustments and Manifolds for In-Floor Heating Lines

When the old pipes and radiators are removed, your boiler may need to have some improvements made. First, the controls may need to be adapted for an in-floor heating system. The new lines will be installed and manifolds that distribute hot water to the different zones of heating will be added. Manifolds deliver the heat to areas that need heating, rather than a system that circulates through your entire home when the heating comes on. This type of system can also allow you to have separate heating controls for different areas of your home.

3. Installation of Plumbing Lines Beneath the Flooring

The last step of plumbing for your radiant floor heating will be to have the floor lines installed. If you are going to be installing the heating system beneath concrete mortar, copper lines may be used. When you are installing the heating system on lightweight wood subflooring, then plastic pipes may be used for the installation of the heating lines. In addition, you may want to have plastic lines installed to save on the cost of copper lines. Once the installation of the lines is completed, they will be covered with new flooring and your new heating system will be completed.

These are some of the plumbing installations that a new radiant floor systems requires. Contact a plumbing repair service like Tru-Flo Plumbing Inc. and talk with them about some of the options for installing an in-floor heating system in your home. 


18 May 2017

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