New Home Owner? 3 Common Causes Of Leaky Pipes To Watch Out For


You've inspected your home inside and out, and you are sure that you will be happy with your purchase for a long time. However, you still have a few things to learn about home maintenance, and the plumbing is one area that you want to avoid having any problems with in the future. While leaky pipes can happen out of the blue, it is best to be proactive and repair risky areas before water starts flooding out. For this reason, it is best to be aware of these three common reasons why you could find yourself searching for a plumber in a frenzy.

Get Your Pipes Inspected For Tree Roots

Those gorgeous shade trees are what attracted you to your new home, and you love that they will help keep your cooling costs low. While this is all true, you should also keep in mind that the taller the tree often means that it has long roots. Trees that are set close to your home run the risk of having root systems that eventually grow into your pipes. Since you can't usually see this from the surface, you will need to have a plumber check for leaks using special equipment such as cameras to identify any needs for repairs.

Be Careful With DIY Maintenance Experiments

At first glance, taking a pipe apart looks easy enough, and you might be tempted to try it out to retrieve a lost item that fell down the sink. Alternatively, it may seem like no big deal to remove a clog after watching a few how-to videos online. The problem with DIY maintenance is that it is often harder to put the pipes back together than it was to take them apart. If they are put back tight enough or you fail to fit the pieces back together correctly, then you run the risk of leaks. When facing a repair, call a residential plumber to begin with rather than having to deal with water damage on top of repairs.

Keep Your Drains Cleaned

If you are moving into an older home, you must keep in mind that you are inheriting all of the problems of the previous owner. This means that if they poured grease down the sink or failed to use a drain screen, you may already be dealing with clogs. Severely clogged pipes leave nowhere else for the water to go but through any tiny cracks. Have your drains professionally cleaned regularly, and ask your plumber for tips on how to keep the water flowing smoothly.

Leaky pipes are one of the most dreaded household disasters because it only takes a small amount of water to do a lot of damage. By being proactive, you can preserve your home's value while always knowing that your water is flowing exactly like it should. If you're wondering "Who is the best plumber near me," you can call for referrals to get the help you need.


13 May 2017

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