Three Essential Tools You'll Need For Home Plumbing Jobs


When you encounter a plumbing-related issue in your home, the first order of business should be to evaluate whether you need to call a professional or you're able to fix the problem on your own. For any issue that's moderate or serious, calling a licensed plumber is the best route to take. Having the right person on the job will ensure that it gets fixed quickly, cleanly and without further damage to your home. For some small and simple jobs, however, it's satisfying to tackle the problem on your own. A how-to manual and the Internet can provide the step-by-step guide needed to help you get the job done right, while the proper tools are also valuable. Here are three tools you'll need to a variety of home plumbing jobs.

Drain Snake

A drain snake is a highly valuable tool to keep on hand for any clogging issues. It's far better to buy this readily available tool in advance so that you'll have it when it's needed, rather than encounter a clogged drain and have to rush to your nearest plumbing supply store. Drain snakes are available in several styles; smaller snakes fit into your sink and tub drains, while larger, auger-style tools are designed to deal with toilet blockages. It's worth investing in both styles as being able to quickly free a blocked drain can minimize leak damage to your home.

Plumber's Tape

Plumber's tape is a non-sticky, white tape that will come in handy for several plumbing jobs. Its most common usage is to apply to the threads of a tap or other similar fixture to prevent water leakage. For example, if you have a shower faucet that is continuously dripping, unscrewing the faucet, cleaning out the shredded, old plumber's tape with a sharp knife and re-applying a few layers of tape can instantly fix the dripping issue.

Locking Pliers

A loose pipe or plumbing fixture can quickly cause a considerable mess, but if you have a pair of locking pliers on hand, you can quickly mitigate the damage. Locking pliers are available in several sizes and many have different jaw shapes. The common factor between all these tools is that they can be quickly adjusted to successfully grip objects of several different sizes, making them valuable whether you're trying to tighten a loose pipe under your kitchen sink or a toilet shut-off valve with a broken handle. Contact a business, such as Plumbing Now plumbers, if you have additional questions about your bathroom plumbing.   


5 January 2016

Learning All About Plumbing Materials

Hey everyone, my name is Marcell Robins. I am excited to share information about plumbing supplies on this site. Plumbing repair services caught my attention after a pipe burst during the last winter storm. The temperature dropped so quickly that we did not have time to prepare the home for the changes. As a result, one of the pipes running under the laundry room froze shut and popped open at the seams. When the water thawed, it started leaking like crazy beneath the house. It was at that point that I started to learn about the wide range of materials used for plumbing repairs. I want to share that knowledge with you to help everyone correctly maintain the plumbing components throughout their home. Thanks for coming to my website.