Fixing Your Garbage Disposal: Key Tips


Garbage disposals are handy devices to have in your home, but occasionally they might malfunction. Fortunately, in many cases, garbage disposal problems can be dealt with by the average person. Dealing with this issue yourself is an excellent way to save money on your household expenses. This article looks at some of the most common problems and how to resolve them.  


If your garbage disposal is clogged, it may be because a foreign object has gotten into the device and interfered with its proper performance. For instance, a coin might have slipped into the machine without your noticing it and disrupted the disposal's operation. Another possibility is that you might have placed certain substances, such as egg shells or coffee grinds, into the disposal. These are not intended to be ground up in the device and can cause a clog.  

To resolve a clog, look into the drain with a flashlight, making certain that the power to the machine is off. If you see an object that is causing the obstruction, remove it with a pair of pliers or some tongs. Avoid sticking your hand inside of the disposal. 

If you do not see any obvious obstructions, look underneath the disposal. Some machines have slots on the bottom that are turned by a hex key. If you find these holes under your garbage disposal, stick a hex key into them and twist it around for a few minutes. This might loosen the jam and allow the device to function effectively once more. 


Leaks are another common malfunction of household garbage disposal. In some cases you can fix the leak yourself. 

  1. Location — First, you need to discover the location of the leak. To do this, unplug the machine, plug the sink drain, and fill the sink with water. Put some food coloring in the water and remove the drain stopper. With a flashlight in your hand, watch the disposal as the water drains into it and note the location of any leak. 
  2. Repair — In many cases, garbage disposal develop leaks because certain seals, such as the one on the drain line, have gone bad. Replacing any leaky seals should solve the problem. 

Fixing a garbage disposal is often within the capabilities of the typical homeowner, as long as the problem is not too complex. If you have a serious malfunction, or would simply prefer having a professional deal with this type of job, contact a qualified plumber.


29 July 2015

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