Time To De-Throne The Old Throne? Easy Instructions For Removing An Old Toilet


There's only so many times you can clean a toilet before it just doesn't sparkle anymore. If you've reached that stage, it's probably time to have a new toilet installed. Whether you're a pro at do-it-yourself projects, or this is the first time trying, removing a toilet is something you can accomplish in just a few hours. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions for removing that old toilet. Before you begin this project, be sure to place towels or newspapers on the ground around the toilet.

Clean the Drain

When you remove the toilet, you're going to come in contact with the waste water in the drain. To prevent this, you can sanitize the drain first. Pour a cup of bleach in the toilet and flush several times. This will send the bleach through the drain and sanitize the standing water that you come in contact with.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before you remove the toilet, you're going to need to turn the water off. This will ensure that you don't flood the bathroom. If you've never turned the water off to your toilet, it's very easy to do. Look behind your toilet and you'll notice a water line and a turn-handle.

Turn the handle to the off position. Be sure to turn the handle as far as it will go. To ensure that the water is turned off, flush the toilet. If the toilet doesn't refill, you've turned it off properly. If it refills, turn the handle in the other direction and flush again.

Once the water is turned off, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the residual water that's left at the bottom of the bowl. If you don't have a wet/dry vacuum, you can use a sponge to remove the excess water.

Remove the Toilet

Now that the toilet has been drained, it's ready to be removed. Loosen the bolts that are located at the base of the toilet. You'll need to use a wrench to do this. Once they're loosened, continue to unscrew them until you can remove them completely. Place the bolts where you can find them, because you might need to use them for the new toilet.

To remove the toilet, stand up and place your hands firmly on the sides of the bowl. Rock the toilet back and forth until you feel it give way. This means that the wax ring has been unsealed. Lift the toilet straight up off the floor. Place the toilet on the towels or newspapers you've placed on the ground.

Seal the Drain

Once the toilet has been removed, you're going to notice that you can see down into the drain pipe. You'll need to seal that drain so that foul odors don't creep into your home while you're prepping your new toilet. Roll up an old rag and stuff it into the drain pipe and leave it in place until you're ready to install the new toilet.

A new toilet can change the appearance of your bathroom, especially if your old toilet is stained and outdated. Use these simple steps to remove your old toilet. If you run into problems anywhere during the process, be sure to contact a plumber. To find out more about plumbing, speak with someone like Black Forest Plumbing.


8 June 2015

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