About The Cause Of Constant Toilet Clogging & How Much A New One Will Cost


Do you have a hard time getting solid waste to flush down the toilet all of the time? Rather than spending so much time plunging the toilet, you may need to consider investing in a new one. Find out what can be causing your toilet to clog up so much, as well as how much you can expect a new one to cost with professional installation.

What Can Lead to a Toilet Clogging Up?

Sometimes the reason a toilet may clog up is due to you having hard water running through your home. Hard water can be a problem because it is full of minerals that can cause the plumbing pipes connected to the toilet to become rusty.

Even without rust, solid waste material can have a hard time getting through the plumbing system if the minerals in the water leave mineral deposits in the pipes. You can hire plumbers to remove rust and mineral deposits to see if it solves your problem with clogging.

Some of the more common reasons a toilet may clog up include:

  • Large-sized solid waste
  • Flushing too much tissue paper
  • Flushing objects not meant for the toilet

If you experience clogging without a real reason, it may be due to you having an older toilet. In order for a toilet to flush smoothly, there must be enough pressure to push waste through the plumbing system. You may have a low-flow toilet that is not able to handle the amount of waste being flushed. The best solution to the problem is to invest in a higher quality toilet.

How Much Does it Cost for a Plumber to Install a New Toilet?

There are many toilet options to choose from that can have an effect on how much installation will cost. You will have to spend more money if you purchase a toilet that is designed in a special way or requires more time spent on installing it. You can expect the purchase of a toilet with professional installation to cost an average of between $150 and $7,000 plus, depending on what you choose.

You don't have to spend time trying to flush waste down a toilet each time that you relieve yourself. Investing in a toilet that has the right pressure flow can make using it a less frustrating task. Contact a plumber so he or she can install a new toilet that meets all of your waste needs!


19 March 2015

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